Hello, I'm just gonna share some quotes from anime HYOUKA. I love this kind of anime, which about school life, with a lil bit mystery genre.

If someone didn’t have any pride, wouldn’t they also be lacking in self-confidence therefore, void of any sense of self-worth? If someone was completely free of greed, wouldn’t they have trouble supporting their family or lacking in any sense of driving motivation? And if people didn’t envy one another, wouldn’t they stop inventing new things and ultimately stop progression?
Chitanda Eru

Expectations are born from a despairingly large difference in skill.
Tanabe Jirou

No amount of passion can overcome a lack of technical expertise.
Fuyumi Irisu

Whatever I do, I’ll always be me. I won’t tone myself down to fit in.
Satoshi Fukube

I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving energy.
Oreki Houtarou

If you can never get angry at anything, that probably means you have nothing that you like, either.
Chitanda Eru

will share more quotes from anime after this.
see ya'


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