SGShop Malaysia 10xRM100 shopping credit giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim

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helloooooo peeps. 
I'm not gonna list some of the goodies that i want to buy at SGshop Malaysia because I'm basically wanna buy everything that i found cheap such as bags, shoes, stationeries, and moreeeeee. i wanna buy some for my family and myself of course. if i win some. IF I WIN!

since the winner is chosen based on creativity so lemme begin. ahaks. 

how i feel whenever i heard about this free shopping credit GIVEAWAY.

what i feel whenever i found cheap clothes, bags, shoes, and electronics, stationeries on SGshop website.

this is basically ME. LOL

what i feel after doing some online shopping. hahhahaa

after few hours browsing SGshop website

yeahhh, count me in 👍👍

credit all gif to Google Images 


all the best to all participants 

giveaway end | 18 June 2017 11.59pm

UPDATE | not my luck :')


  1. assalamualaikum,
    singgah blogwalking dari GA yang sama


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